How to apply blush Step by Step Guide- Garima Mohnani

How to apply blush Step by Step Guide- Garima Mohnani

Even if you're new to makeup, knowing how to apply a highlighter is simple. This post will teach you how to use highlighter on face. So, let’s get started:

STEP-1: Enhancing the Eyes, Lips, and Chin

  1. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes using  highlighter

Apply a small amount of highlighter on the tip of an eyeshadow brush. Then, take the brush, massage into the inner corners of your eyes. You may add few coats for a more dramatic appearance, or just bit dusting for subtle highlights.

  1. Apply highlighter to your brow bones

The region right below your brows will catch a lot of light, so this is a good spot to emphasize. Sweep highlighter over your brow bones and the regions directly beneath your brows. Keep the majority of your highlighter on the outside borders of your brow bone. You may also use the highlighter to brighten your eyes by extending it down into the wrinkles of your eyelids.

  1. Apply a smidgeon of highlighter right above your top  lip

Highlighting the region in the center of your top lip known as your cupid's bow will bring attention to your lips. Apply a little quantity of highlighter with your fingers to this region. Apply the highlighter only to the region directly above your lip, not to your real lip.

  1. Apply highlighter to the middle of your chin

Using a highlighter to draw focus to the middle of your chin can also assist to attract attention to your lips. Sweep some highlighter across the center of your chin. Take cautious not to overdo the highlighter in this region. A thin dusting is all that is required. If you highlighted your brow, keep the highlighter on your chin in line with the highlighter on your brow.

STEP-2: Enhancing the Cheeks, Nose, and Forehead

  1. First, apply foundation and concealer

This will provide a more equal surface for your highlighter. Blend your foundation using a sponge or a beauty brush. If you have any dark circles or tiny flaws, concealer will provide more coverage and draw attention to the highlighted region.

  1. Highlight the tops of your cheekbones with highlighter

Using a blush or kabuki brush, apply a little highlighter in a C-shaped curve from your temples to the tops of your cheekbones. You may use one layer for a subtle effect or numerous layers for more powerful highlights.

  1. Apply a small amount of highlighter on the tip of your nose

Dab some highlighter on your fingers and dab it on the tip of your nose. To mix the highlighter, swipe your finger back and forth. Remember that you only need a little dab of highlighter.

  1. Apply some highlighter to the middle of your brow

Sweep some highlighter down the middle of your forehead towards the bridge of your nose to enhance the center of your forehead. Begin at the middle of your hairline on your brow and sweep straight down.


This is how a highlighter on the face is applied.